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DevLog #1 - Our goals

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Entry from 07.04.2021

We are Amin and Alex and work as technicians in the engine room of KnowKit. As co-founders, however, we have many hats on and one of them is the responsibility for product development.
With this format DevLog we want to inform you about new product developments at KnowKit.

"Hey Jack, wann beginnt dieses automatische Zeitalter? Mittwoch" - Mst3k

We are currently working on the implementation of the following goals:

More machine learning experiments at transcription level

We have been working on improving the quality of the transcriptions. This is important because the better the transcriptions are, the better the overall data quality will be, for example the search will work better.

A stable KnowKit on Prod with migrated user accounts

We have worked on build- and deploy-pipelines to enable fast, automatic deployment of the application in the future and to detect potential defects as early as possible.
We have also replaced our own Auth-system with AWS Cognito. We expect this to provide more security, less maintenance and simplify our own processes in the future.

That's it - see you next time for KnowKit DevLog #2!