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DevLog #3 - DataDumpling & Design System

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Entry from 21.04.2021

We are Armin and Alex and we welcome you again this week to our Dev-Log #3. We'll bring you up to date on the latest developments Knowkit - let's go!

"Notes aren’t a record of my thinking process. They are my thinking process." – Richard Feynman

Data Dumpling

Currently we develop all our machine learning related functions in an internal Service-API, which we call DataDumpling. Here we updated more functionalities to quickly perform inferences for different models in order to process new incoming data. Everything served by our DataDumpling Endpoint will further enhance our search capabilities. We use our DataDumpling:

  • Scoring model and other artifacts performances
  • Serve models as dedicated endpoint routes
  • Preprocess data structures

Knowkit Design System

Last week we changed focus a little and worked on the Frontend, more precisely on the Knowkit Design System.

The Design-System is our one-stop place to:

  • develop the CSS and components for our Webpage and the frontend-application
  • to showcase their usage and the ideas of the design

Thanks to Lena for her fantastic work on the Knowkit Branding and UX/UI Design which is the base for the Design System.
We're looking forward to further work with her and explore how the KnowKit Interface may look like in the future.

That's it - see you next week for KnowKit DevLog #3!