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DevLog #5 - Finalizing the search function & A new Frontend

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Entry from 05.05.2021

We are Armin and Alex and we welcome you again this week to our Dev-Log #5. We'll bring you up to date on the latest developments around Knowkit - lets go!

"Software projects can be thought of as having two distinct stages: figuring out what to build (build the right product), and building it (building the product right)." ― Marty Cagan, Inspired

Searching Knowledge in a clever fashion

Last week we invested time into finalizing a search engine prototype. The goal was to plan the approach to semantically search content of our video knowledge. Since searching content can be a highly subjective process, we wanted to build an end to end prototyp including a web frontend where the soul purpose is to see how search is shaping up and what the results feel like.

This is needed, since our approach is meant to find content, not only by fulltext searching but by semantically correlating the meaningful sequences of content compared to our query.

Frontend Application

We were finally able to start working on the front-end application by importing the components and style sheets from the design system. We're focusing on feature parity with the previous version, but of course this is also a great opportunity to improve the code here and there.

And here the small preview of the Modal-Dialog Dialog:

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That's it - see you next week for KnowKit DevLog #6!