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DevLog #6 - Simplifying KnowKit Documents

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Entry from 12.05.2021

We are Armin& Alex. Welcome to KnowKit DevLog #6, where we will keep you up to date on the latest developments within the KnowKit product development.

"Deleted code is debugged code." — Jeff Sickel

Simplify Knowkit Documents

In our previous prototype we had this model: a kit contains a maximum of one "room" for recording a video at any one time. When this recording is finished, this "room" is closed and a new document is created.

This model added complexity to the implementation, was hard to understand for the user and was prone to errors. Additionally we had different terms in use for the document: recording, session, room, ...

How did we solve this? In KnowKit you can now create as many documents as you want. If the document is new, you are able to directly start the recording. When the recording is finished, you can watch the document and share it with others. With this change, you can have as many documents as you want and you can start recording at any time and in any order. A small change, but one that gives our users a lot more flexibility in scheduling the recordings.


Following a small demo how this looks like now:

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That's it - see you next week for KnowKit DevLog #7!