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How to use #KnowKit as SAP key user - Chloe

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How is KnowKit used in real life? In this Blogpost, we tell the story of Chloe, a 36-year old SAP key user from San Fransisco. Through the use of KnowKit she and her team were able to improve software quality and effectiveness after a big transition.

Six months ago, Chloe's company outsourced parts of its SAP development to India. Since then, the software quality of requested customizations has dropped massively, as things were often miscommunicated or forgotten. Requirements and software delivery did not go as soomthly as before.

Chloe's company realized something had to change. In addition to a supportive change process and employee training on Indian work culture, they also introduced #KnowKit.

With KnowKit, every requirements workshop and final software delivery has been recorded. So nothing got lost within the process or translation. In addition, in case anyone has any questions, the video can be easily searched.

Like this, after just a few weeks, the software quality improved again. Chloe and her colleagues in India are now more satisfied and productive thanks to traceable requirements and a transparent development progress.