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How to use #KnowKit as project manager - Susanne

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How is KnowKit used in real life? In this Blogpost, we tell the story of Susanne, a 40-year old project manager. Through the use of KnowKit she was able to easily transition into a new role by recording all important information she had to share with her successor.

Susanne (40) worked as project manager at an international cooperation in the automotive sector. Recently she got promoted to take the role of the regional project manager within Europe.

As the new role needed to be filled as soon as possible, she was struggling to manage the requirements of her new role, while still completing projects within her old job and gradually handing over work to her successor.  To facilitate this process, Susanne was looking for solutions to facilitate the transition to her new role and the handing over.

Susanne started using #KnowKit, and recorded all important information she had to share with her successor and old team in video and audio.
Shareable via a link, her colleagues can now easily watch the video and search for relevant information within the recordings. This saves time for Susanne, as she does not have to answer questions, it facilitates the handing over with her successor as he can watch those videos whenever he wants, and improves the overall quality of knowledge transfer during the transition.