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How to use #KnowKit as software developer - Ricardo

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How is KnowKit used in real life? In this Blogpost, we tell the story of Ricardo, a 43-year old software developer who was, thanks to KnowKit, able to improve communication within his team while working remote.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ricardo and his colleagues had to work from home for several months.
During this time, Ricardo noticed that the communication within his team deteriorated massively. In the past, if he had a question or a problem, he could simply ask his desk neighbour. Now it often takes a long time for Ricardo to get answers from his colleagues. Also, after the digital meetings, around 70 to 80% of the explanations and descriptions are quickly forgotten, and it is hard to concentrate and participate in long meetings.

To make working remotly easier, his company decided to use #KnowKit. Since then, every meeting is recorded and answers to questions already discussed can easily be accessed. Thanks to the intelligent search function, answers are found quickly and without effort, saving time. No more information gets lost and Ricardo can concentrate on his actual work again.