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How to use KnowKit for asynchronous work

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This is Tom (34), he is an IT consultant and uses KnowKit for this purpose.

What is the problem?

Tom works as an IT consultant in an international project. He supports the product management team in the US and coordinates the development team in India. In the past, the communication of both teams went entirely via Tom. This led to a high personal mental load, a high project risk and the result of both teams fell behind the expectation of the management.

How does KnowKit help?

Since both teams started using KnowKit, all requirements from the US are documented with KnowKit via video and handed over to the development team in India, likewise the implemented requirements are recorded as test cases via video and handed over to the US team. Questions that arise are simply asked by both teams at the corresponding video point on the KnowKit platform. These can then be answered by text or also with a video.

A few weeks after the introduction of KnowKit, both teams now communicate with each other more directly, with more clarity and in a more comprehensible manner. Tom is no longer the middleman in the communication process. He can concentrate fully on his actual tasks again, supporting both teams professionally and methodically in order to achieve the best work result for his organization.