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How to use KnowKit for development

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This is Max (27 years old), he is a software developer and uses KnowKit for this purpose.

What is the problem?

As a software developer in a large company, KnowKit helps Max to optimize his work processes. He documents his test cases and any complications and difficulties simply with a KnowKit recording. This recording is then available on the KnowKit platform for him and his entire team.

What is the solution?

When Max has difficulties during programming, he simply sends short KnowKit recordings to his team. The team can then not only take a quick look at the recording, but also use a marker to directly find the part of the recording where the exact difficulty occurs. The team can help Max solve the problem by commenting on the recording or simply making a recording themselves. By now, Max's entire team is using KnowKit. Since all test cases, problems and solutions are now sustainably documented with KnowKit and shared with the entire team, the collaboration in the team is not only clearer, but the know-how has also been shared much faster across the entire team.

Max is more satisfied because he is making faster progress with his development, his team and he are delivering higher quality output, and management is using the footage to develop the team in a more focused way.