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How to use KnowKit for employee trainings

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This is Sophie (32), she gives professional trainings for companies and uses KnowKit for this purpose.

What is the problem?

In the past, Sophie often had the problem that the majority of her training content was forgotten by the participants after a few weeks. Participants would often contact Sophie to ask her questions about the training. This took an incredible amount of time, as Sophie had to answer each participant's questions individually. In addition, there were extra costs for the participants' companies, as Sophie's workload had to be compensated.

How does KnowKit help?

With KnowKit, Sophie has found the optimal solution: She simply records her trainings as videos and publishes them on the KnowKit platform. Any questions can then be asked at the corresponding video section, to which Sophie can reply with a comment or video. The answers and questions can be seen by all participants, which is why there is no more overlap. Since the videos are still available after the training, the participants can watch the content again at any time and search for certain key terms of the training using the KnowKit search.

Since Sophie started using KnowKit, she has received positive feedback from her participants, which is also reflected in the high demand for her trainings. Companies can also see a significant increase in the productivity of their employees after participating in Sophie's trainings.