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How to use KnowKit for transparency and innovation

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This is Juliet (45), she is a CIO and uses KnowKit for this purpose.

What is the problem?

As Chief Innovation Officer, Juliet's job is to realize innovations for her company. These can be, for example, new and improved products, new business models or new processes. In order to encourage innovation and generate benefits, it is important to create transparency within the company. It is essential to have an open culture of mistakes so that mistakes and difficulties in the company can be identified and subsequently improved. This is the key to creating innovations and improving the company's productivity.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case in practice. Especially in large companies, transparency is incredibly important but also very difficult to ensure. The large numbers of employees and their tasks often do not ensure clarity. In addition, employees do not dare to openly admit their mistakes. This creates a lack of transparency and makes it difficult for innovations to push the company forward.

How does KnowKit help?

KnowKit offers the ultimate solution. With KnowKit, Juliet's company documents results and processes in a sustainable way on the KnowKit platform. This creates long-lasting transparency. Only with the help of this created transparency, any difficulties and errors can be identified quickly and effectively. As a result, Juliet can more effectively identify these mistakes and strategically approach a solution to the underlying problem. Since the introduction of KnowKit, employees in Juliet's company are no longer afraid to admit their own mistakes. Instead, they record their work steps with the KnowKit and support each other with their problems. This creates an incredible amount of transparency and strengthens the team spirit.

With the help of KnowKit, Juliet can get a perfect overview and generate innovations even in such a large company. Through the sustainable documentation, Juliet can additionally analyze to what extent new solutions and innovations are profitable for her company. Only KnowKit creates the necessary transparency in Juliet's company to realize innovations and increase productivity.