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How to use #KnowKit as CEO - Tobias

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In this post we tell the story of Tobias (51), CEO of a SME in the metal industry in Germany and how he could improve knowledge retention in his company.

At the moment his company experiences high employee fluctuation, as a lot of his best workers retire and new, young employees join the company. This presented alarmingly high costs to Tobias: every new employee had to be individually trained and brought up to date with internal company processes, rules and working procedures as knowledge left the company with every employee retiring. Also Tobias noticed that often, new employees had to be re-trained after a few months, as the load of information they received in the beginning was hard to handle and remember.

He knew, that something had to change and the training of employees had to improve.

Tobias decided to give #KnowKit a try. Using this tool, knowledge retention and management are enormously facilitated . Employees who are about to leave the company, record Kits with all important information for their successors. This makes sure that knowledge is sustainably stored. New employees, can simply watch the Kits when they join Toby’s company, and whenever they have questions can easily search and find required information in the recordings. This saves time and cost in trainings and increases knowledge retention as well as efficiency of new  employees.