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How to use #KnowKit as entrepreneur - Julia

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How is KnowKit used in real life? In this Blogpost, we tell the story of Julia, a 26-year old entrepreneur who was able to improve communication and documentation within her start-up by using KnowKit.

A year ago, Julia founded a tech startup together with three friends from university. Since the team is spread all over Germany, they all work completely remote. Twice a week, the team meets online, for a team call. In the past however, this created some difficulties, as through being all online, communication sometimes was hard. Tasks were frequently forgotten or misunderstood.  This led to high follow-up costs and project delays, which could have been avoided.

The team knew something had to change

Therefore Julia and her team decided to give #KnowKit a try.
Now, the team simply records every meeting in audio and video. This makes it clear why something was decided and what important to-dos are. In meetings, no one has to write minutes anymore and can therefore fully participate and pay attention.
If something is unclear after the weekly meeting, thanks to the KnowKit search function, everyone in Julia's team can easily find the part of the recording that is relevant to them.
This saves time, prevents frustration and results in higher quality work. Communication within the team was improved.